Hot Girl Summer School

Hot Girl Summer School

Forget what you think you know what “Hot Girl Summer” means! It’s WAY deeper than that. Come launch a new era of your life where you begin to live your life on fire!

Designer Growth Club is bringing you five full fire-fueled weeks of Hot Girl Summer School!

This 5-week course will take you to a whole new level of transformation and ignite a spark in your life emotionally, spiritually, professionally, personally, and even physically.

No matter the season, come get lit ABLAZE!

Inspozine – Summer 2023 Edition

Hot Girl Summer Continues in the Inspozine. Beat the heat with cool contributors, mindset hacks, tips on building a transformative brand, and so much more!

Purchase your copy today!

Purpose The Remix

Purpose The Remix: A Mind-Blowing Reunderstanding of Purpose and How It Works

Think you know Purpose? Think again! People have left their jobs, changed careers, started businesses and ministries, and taken other big, bold leaps after hearing Jade’s 21 words on purpose.

Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook available NOW!

Purpose-Minded, Visionary Women on the Move… Your Upgrade is Here!

Let Jade help you design a one-of-a-kind life of back to back breakthrough! Get high-end, activational coaching, content, and community inside of Designer Growth Club.

Designer Growth Club
audacious prayers paperback thumb 1

Audacious Prayers for World Changers: Live and Pray Out Loud


audacious prayers spanish thumb 1

Oraciones Atrevidas Para Cambiadores Del Mundo: Vive y Ora En Voz Alta (Spanish Edition)


the flight music thumb

“The Flight” song (5:11)

MP3 Music

revolutionary rhythm music thumb

“Revolutionary Rhythm” album (18 songs, 58 minutes)

MP3, Audio CD

audacious prayers audiobook thumb

Audacious Prayers for World Changers: Live and Pray Out Loud


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“Playing with Fire” album (5 songs, 14 minutes)

MP3 Music