Jade’s a Born Storyteller and a Purpose Whisperer to the World’s Superlative Brands.

The Companies daring to bring her in are:


Whether it’s a mind-blowing mainstage keynote that leaves audiences awakened to purpose, or a riveting concert adventure that goes from Rachmaninoff to Rap, a Jade Simmons experience is unforgettable in the least and life-altering at best.

The inimitable world-class concert pianist and powerhouse activational speaker is CEO of Jade Media Global, a revolutionary global content distribution company specializing in 360º personal development and strategic transformational change. JMG helps visionary people upgrade their mindsets and modes of operation in order to experience high level breakthrough in life and leadership. We do our best work with people and organizations looking to turn periods of transition into powerful transformation.

Jade designs truly customized experiences for adventurous organizations that want to reconnect their people to the company’s big vision and activate more audacious leaders. She also performs concert adventures for curious audiences ready for an interactive and thought-provoking musical experience combining inspiration, innovation, and entertainment.

From concert halls, to airwaves, to corporate stages, Jade repeatedly defies expectations, delivering riveting performances with passion and innovation at every turn. In the end, audiences the world over are leaving their seats not merely entertained, but transformed and empowered to become the biggest, boldest version of themselves possible.

“Jade Simmons is not a speaker. She’s an experience.”


Why Book Jade


You’ve brought in speakers. Now, bring in Jade and her transformational mainstage experience that blends powerful mindset strategy and uncommon inspiration with mind-blowing music. She does it all while driving home an organization’s objectives and speaking into the hearts, minds, and goals of their most valuable resource…their people.

The world’s most superlative brands can attest to the fact that Jade goes beyond customization all the way to assimilation. She digests your company’s culture and taps into the challenges of your audience or the heartbeat of your congregation.

Bring her in to renew purpose, unlock potential, and bolster audacious belief in order to unleash momentum in life and business! Standing ovation guaranteed.


“Replacing the image of a stuffy, staid collection of dead guys in white wigs with a fresh, cutting-edge artist…”


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