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Think you know Purpose?

People have left their jobs, changed careers, started businesses and ministries, and taken other big, bold leaps after hearing Jade’s 21 words on purpose.

JADE SIMMONS is an unexpected phenomenon who remixed the way things were done in both the classical music and professional speaking industries. Now, she’s remixing purpose by bringing us a brand new, life-altering understanding of what purpose truly is and how it really works. It’s the definition that has been changing lives at first hearing since she first said it out loud almost eight years ago.

After years of activating private corporate audiences and high-powered individuals into a purpose-fueled life, Jade’s taking purpose public in her newest book, PURPOSE THE REMIX.

Purpose the Remix
Purpose Positivity

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Excerpts taken from Chapter 14 “The Correlation Between Purpose and Peace” (with music added for the occasion).

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Get ready to free purpose from the shackles of what you can do and refocus it in the direction of your unique impact.

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About the Author

JADE SIMMONS is a creator of transformational experiences designed to activate audiences into becoming the biggest, boldest version of themselves possible. The world-class concert artist, speaker, and author is also the CEO of Jade Media Global, a revolutionary live experience and content distribution company.

Sought after by some of the world’s superlative companies, her high-impact presentations have become the go-to fuel for those ready to harness purpose-based leadership, unleash creativity and create breakthrough-bound lives and businesses.

Jade’s genre-bending concert adventures span Classical all the way to rap and have earned her the nickname “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick” as well as performances in the White House and the US Supreme Court. No stranger to taking bold leaps in the name of purpose, Jade was also a surprise Independent candidate for President of the United States in 2020.

“Hands down the most life-changing explanation I’ve read on what purpose is and what it’s not. Jade’s ability to open your eyes to a new perspective on purpose will change the way you look at everything you do from here on out. She lovingly leads you down the path to understanding that purpose is not what you do, but who you are and what that really means for you and those you are called to serve.”

Crystal Freie, Verified Amazon Review
“Purpose for me is to share my story, my heart, my hard and my joy to inspire people to show up for themselves, to love themselves more, to believe in themselves more, to trust themselves more, and to be more of their authentic selves.”
Tahis Blue, DGC Member

“Purpose is often confused for passion…passion wanes but your purpose is ALWAYS with you. Thank you Jade for redefining purpose and making it crystal clear what it is (read the book to find out) and what it isn’t. This book is insightful, challenging and inspiring. If you’re ready to walk in your purpose with confidence – this is a 10/10, definitely recommend.”

Amazon Customer, Verified Amazon Review
“So much happened in my life between the first (DGC) coaching session and now – but I can guarantee a LOT of pain, positioning, pivots, and purpose preparation… I’m feeling like things are about to move quickly towards purpose centering!!! You’ve been calling on the real Ja’Wanda to stand up from the beginning!”
Ja’Wanda Grant, DGC Member
“Breakthrough is in the air!”
Shirley Konneh, DGC Member

“The words on the pages in this book hold transforming and catalytic momentum for those who read and apply them. Highlight, take notes, and take action so you can show up powerfully and purposefully! Highly recommend this book.”

Shae Bynes, Author & Chief Fire Igniter
“When (DGC) was offered at the end of 2021, I knew I HAD to take advantage of the incredible opportunity to learn from, work with, and be inspired by Jade Simmons. I have been floundering in life and career and purpose for years now and need a constant (loving) kick in the butt and spiritual guidance badly. DGC gives me that. It has been a lifeline this past year and I know it will continue to be.”
Amy Chance-Billings, DGC Member

“I had to write down and read a few times over Jade’s way of explaining purpose for me to get a new perspective. It was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me. She writes in a clear voice with great examples to be able to look at myself and get inspired.”

Michelle Eliason, Amazon Customer
“I joined DGC because of Jade’s quote “purpose isn’t what you do, it’s what happens in people when you do what you do.” I’ve never felt like purpose was more important than when I came to understand that. So I’m here, an OG, lifer, because purpose is non-negotiable, and this community keeps me connected to that.”
Tahis Blue, DGC Member
“Hearing Jade speak and play at Coach Summit a few years ago and then reading Audacious Prayers, knitted me to her. The more I listened to Jade, the more I connected to her via our mutual love for God, and especially around her purpose statement. So when the opportunity came to join this community, I didn’t hesitate.”
Dr. Alma Medina Fielder, DGC Member
“I came to the table with small hopes and limited dreams, but Jade emboldened me to take leaps toward a future brighter than one I could have ever imagined.”
Arianne Bellizaire, Owner of Arianne Bellizaire Interiors & Sought-after Home Design Personality

“I’m so glad to have found Jade to assist me in carrying out my assignment. Expectancy! Clarity is coming in like a flood!”

Ellen S., Director of Education Support Services

“Gray Week was one of the main things that changed the trajectory of my life and ignited a fire to go after hearing God’s voice in everyday life. I know that I now walk more confidently through situations in life, business & relationships because of it. Thank you, DGC!!!”

Britt O.

Breakout Blueprint

If you’re ready to understand and explore what your purpose is and are ready to live in the center of your purpose, then this Breakout Blueprint is just what you need to set you on your path to becoming the biggest boldest version of yourself.

The Purpose Propeller Scale

Where do you rank on the Purpose Propeller Scale? Purpose The Remix helps you launch into your purpose, and it’s often helpful to take note of where you feel you’re at now so you can make your path to purpose discovery measurable!

Click the sound buttons to receive wisdom from Jade to help better understand where you are on your purpose journey and find out how to power up your purpose.

Purpose Clueless: I know nothing! Help!

Purpose Uncovered: Self-Discovery, learning your effect

Purpose Clarified: Have direction, learning your who and your why

Purpose Applied: Experiencing fulfillment, learning your how, where, and when

Purpose Amplified: Productive in purpose, working with purpose and for a purpose

Purpose Positioned: Implement purpose in your Profession, Business, Ministry, Charity

Purpose Prospered: Have turned purpose-work into profitable purpose-filled ventures

Purpose Powerhouse: Purpose is taking you to places of leadership, influence and impact

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