The Team

Jade Media Global was founded by entrepreneur and creator of transformational experiences, Jade Simmons who recognized the ultimate need to push purpose into the world and create impact through speaking, music, artistry, coaching, and mentoring.

What was once a one-woman show has now grown into a team of fierce operatives who also inspire individuals with their talent and skill. JMG has morphed into a diverse company with boundless energy and vision.

Meet our team of multi-talented unicorns who bring their authentic selves to the table every day!

Breathe, Believe, & Buckle Up!
Jade Simmons, Chief Executive Officer

Jade Simmons, Founder & Chief Purpose Pusher
Jade has been addicted to rebel behavior since kindergarten when she refused to take naps and opted to read under her self-made fort instead. She’s wife to her high school sweetheart, Jahrell, and mom to two kiddos (14 and 9) who don’t understand how cool she is. As Founder of JMG, she loves watching unicorns grow wings and soar higher than they knew they could! Lastly, she’s also freakishly good at arm wrestling.

Berdine Roque, Chief Operating Officer
Berdine is a native Pacific Islander from the beautiful island of Guam and has lived in Hawaii and California before making the big move to Texas in 2003. She discovered her insane obsession to geek out over business management, systems automation, process improvement, and scorecard development throughout her 26 years in various highly reputable organizations. She is beyond excited she gets to do all that with a team of unicorns and fierce operatives at JMG!

Berdine is married to the love of her life and Portuguese studmuffin, Steve, and mom to three incredibly talented kiddos: Ikeah, Isaiah, and Cirina. One of her greatest passions is her cultural dance and sharing her island’s cultures and traditions with others.

Berdine Roque, Chief Operating Officer

Britt Olander, Head of Coaching and Community for Designer Growth Club
Britt is a natural encourager and connector of people and her mission is to empower and equip women to do life and business a better way to be the best version of themselves. She is a lover of community and is passionate about helping people grow in connecting to the voice and heart of God. Britt helps others unlock new levels of finding joy in the everyday, and loves seeing people take risks and step out on what they’re hoping, believing, and are destined for. Her guilty pleasure is Taco Bell and loves a good dance party with friends.

Britt Olander, Head of Coaching and Community for Designer Growth Club

Mayenne Minuit, Logistics Coordinator
Call me Jane.
I’m known as the “Jane of all trades”.
To finally find the perfect environment (Jade Media Global) where my talents can work together for greater good, and simultaneously support my mentor, is beyond anything I could have ever wished for!

If it involves piano, I understand it! If it involves editing and proofreading, I’m ready like Freddy! If it involves logistics, I have already created: a detailed blueprint plan, bite-sized progressive steps, an airtight/efficient documentation system, 2 or 3 alternative methods for completion (plan B, plan C, plan D), and titled it: Mission Possible!

Nice to meet you, but let’s change the saying to the Mayenne of all trades who plays spades, wins at charades, enjoys parades, and whose ambition never fades.

I also love emojis! lol

Mayenne Minuit, Logistics Coordinator
Dolores Brown, JMG Stylist

Dolores Brown, JMG Stylist
Dolores is the queen who keeps Jade stylin’ and the team looking fly! Dolores brings her bold vision and talent to each stage that Jade steps on. You don’t see her, but she plays a critical role in the JMG brand.

Dolores is the real OG who has been with Jade since day one. She has seen it all, and watched Jade elevate from changing in the backs of cars to building a global company with a team of fierce women, and growing her legacy.

Dolores is one of Jade’s closest confidants, always dishin’ truth bombs when needed, constantly changing up Jade’s looks, and sharing a deep faith in God who guides her through the good and challenging times.

Our Honorary JMG Team Member:

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