Purpose-Minded, Visionary Women on the Move… Your Upgrade is Here!

High-end, activational coaching, content, and community with Jade Simmons, a one-of-a-kind artist helping you design a one-of-a-kind life!

Get ready to grow on the go!

Only $97 p/mo!

($167 savings!)

Full Circle, Ongoing Growth

DGC is designed to work with you and your schedule! You can dive deep when you have the time, or digest slowly and still grow big.

Trade in temporary life hacks for next level revelation on how to unleash momentum in life, business and purpose. Real women desiring to make a real impact will receive ongoing, powerful content curated to match the personal, professional, emotional and spiritual needs of the multifaceted mover-n-shaker who knows she’s got more ground to cover.

Functional Inspiration

You’re already a chronic achieving, big dreaming, self-starter, so a pat on the back and run-of-the-mill inspiration is NOT what you’re searching for.

DGC is the Spiritual I.V. keeping you connected to crystalline clarity, fueled focus and an actual strategy for walking more powerfully and profitably in your purpose. Your entire life has been about pouring into others. Let DGC download inspiration and activation into you.

ready set grow

Only $97 p/mo!

($167 savings!)

Instant R.O.I.

Trust us. We know “busy”. We also share your discriminating taste and expect you to look for a trackable return on your investment where your time and money are concerned.

DGC is all about “full-circle growth” designed to take you the distance. The growth you’ll get here can be applied to you, your future AND your family. Here’s the best part. We’re not here to help you launch something.

We’re here to help you launch the next YOU!

hows that for ROI

The DGC Difference

We don’t give you some guru’s template to blindly follow. We help you uncover YOUR original blueprint and help you create the personal modes of operation that are going to work for you over and over again in every area of life. DGC helps you become the woman who can finally and fully achieve the biggest parts of her grand vision.

Whether you’re looking to get your life, handle your biz or bolster your belief, Designer Growth Club is for you.

Only $97 p/mo!

($167 savings!)

Custom Community

Here’s the truth. You need to be surrounded by bigger-thinking, bigger-planning, bigger-doing women extraordinaire!

In DGC, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded kindred spirits and other ever-evolving, awesome creatures of passion, creativity, and productivity who will become your best gal pals and simultaneous growth partners.

At DGC our motto is ABG: Always Be Growing. You’ll fit right in.

DGC Retreats

If you’re looking for not just another fun, live event experience, and want an actual encounter that can change your life, perspective, and trajectory, come be with us at our member only in-person DGC retreats!