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As a speaker and presenter, Jade’s impact spans a multitude of industries and touches an incredibly varied demographic, from kids to corporate. For business, technology and the arts, she speaks powerfully on transformative leadership, Maverick Behavior™, out-of-the-box branding, discovering creative identity and innovation to the likes of the Food Market institute, top financial services companies, Self-Employment in the Arts, TedX and the Hershey Company.

Her female and faith-centered audiences receive uncommon inspiration in the areas of Supernatural Confidence, the discovery of purpose and the pursuit of passion. Her youth audiences are inspired be catalysts for change NOW rather than later. Engage Jade to speak only if you’re looking to radically change the atmosphere of your events, wow your audience, and leave them not just impressed but impacted in a mighty way.


In her inimitable career as a concert pianist, Jade has remained committed to expanding the boundaries of Classical music and its presentation and as a result has revolutionized the concert platform. Today, she offers an incredibly diverse mix of repertoire from the Classics to the cutting edge and audiences have come to expect creative projects backed by riveting performances.

Ms. Simmons has toured the US extensively in recital and with orchestra. She has performed at The White House and has also received the Sphinx Organization’s Medal of Excellence in a concert held at the US Supreme Court hosted by Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Currently in production is Jade’s concert adventure, -Romejii (Ro- MEE- jee), a stunning one-woman show spanning Rachmaninoff to Rap with world-class storytelling in between. Engage Jade in an electrifying collaboration with your orchestra or ensemble or bring her to your Performing Arts Center for a sure to be memorable concert adventure.


All of Jade’s coaching programs for visionaries, creatives and entrepreneurs-in-action begin with purpose, are guided by your passion and result in profit. If you’re looking to turn your creativity into clear income and you’re ready to propel your passion into profitable enterprise, then the School of Emergence and its powerfully designed programs are for you.

With a selection of offerings including books, online courses, private and group coaching, and live events, you’ll be on your way to launching your idea into purposeful, profitable action sooner than you think. Engage Jade as your personal Dream Wingwoman if you’re ready RIGHT NOW to birth that creative baby.


An expert in Passion Empowerment, Jade trains companies to empower their executives and other employees to harness the power of their personal passions for the benefit of the workplace. Her operating premise is that following one’s passion is not always about breaking out of an environment, but sometimes it’s about breaking into your current one in a more effective, more powerful and impacting way.

Engage Jade if you’re looking to usher in an era of heightened productivity and profit, transformative leadership, greatly improved work environment and employee happiness and retention.


Simmons’ multiple talents make her a true Renaissance woman of the millennium taking her in the direction of triple #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author for her new book Audacious Prayers for World Changers, contributor on the arts and its intersection with pop culture, politics and society for the Huffington Post, and content creator for Emergence-y, Jade’s regular platform for inspiration, information and entertainment.

Engage Jade to inspire your readers to experience mindset makeovers, innovation, turning creativity into clear income, and passion pursuit.

Media Personality

An unusually engaging media personality, American Public Media’s Fred Child invited Jade to co-host an episode of his hit radio show Performance Today to much acclaim. The arts world has come to know her as the knowledgeable and relatable face of the webcast for the Van Cliburn International Piano competition (Ft. Worth, TX) and the XIV Tchaikovsky International Competition (St. Petersburg/Moscow).

There she introduces all the performances and conducts live interviews with renowned figures in Classical music including the legendary pianist Van Cliburn, renowned conductor Leonard Slatkin, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, lauded American composer John Corigliano and even acclaimed news veteran Bob Schieffer. The Seattle Times said “Simmons has an uncanny ability to connect classical music with the sounds of today.”

In front of a camera, over the web or the airwaves, Engage Jade as the host of your program who will bring charm, intellect, wit and relatability in spades.



At the School of Emergence, we’re in the business of dreams. We aid creative entrepreneurs in powerfully, purposefully and profitably pursuing their passion in a way that results in multiple clear & sustainable income streams. We eschew the freelancer mindset in favor of teaching and strategizing long-term enterprise building. The results? Elevation of Profile, Increase of Income and Realization of Purpose, better known as…Emergence.

Learn more about starting your journey of Emergence.

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