This is it. The season you've been waiting for. Don't you dare fumble it now! You're going to need ferocious faith, a warrior mindset and the boldness of a lion in order to walk more powerfully in your purpose and unleash the incredible momentum needed to propel you into your God-designed destiny. That's why on April 21-23, 2016, Jade Simmons, the Powerhouse Speaker, Boundary-breaking Concert Pianist and Amazon Best-selling Author of Audacious Prayers for World Changers is excited to present The Audacious Life 2016™. This bold event will bring together hundreds of like-minded purpose pursuers on a quest to uncover their audaciously unique identity in Christ and become the spiritual and professional giants God has called them to be in this season. Audacious means to be "extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave" and "willing to take surprisingly bold risks". There’s not a bigger believer in our potential to think bigger, do bigger and be bolder than Jade! She is outrageously committed to helping purpose-minded people emerge into the largest versions of themselves possible, to risk becoming the version God created them to be.

Your Host & Speakers

Experience Jade and her team of Audacious Living Experts™ who will transform the way you think about Worship, Wellness, Worth and Work.  Visionaries, Influencers and Powerhouses (that's you) will join Jade and her Audacious Living Experts for a two and a half-day journey in optimizing audacity in every area of their personal & spiritual lives as well as their businesses and/or ministries, to see greater profit spiritually, physically and professionally.


Powerhouse Speaker & Author of Audacious Prayers for World Changers

Expect nothing short of firestarting, strategy-building sessions designed to help you discover and recover the bold identity you were given in Christ. In 2015, Jade released a hit book, helped ignite a women's ministry team, was tapped to star in a new musical and feature film and is readying  her next book for release! She's been taking notes on what breakthrough really is and HOW it happens. She'll show you how to optimize audacity for back-to-back breakthrough spiritually AND professionally.

World's Only Worthologist®

PublishMe NOW University
Speaker, Attorney & Self-Publishing Strategist

Strategist & Advocate to over 30 Amazon Best-Selling Authors in 2015 alone, as CEO of PublishMe Now University, Dr. Jones has a knack for helping us tap into our worth, tell our stories and expand our platforms via publishing. He'll share some of the savvy that helped the triple Amazon Best-selling Audacious Prayers soar in his one-of-a-kind session for aspiring authors and established authors looking to expand their platforms.


Wellness Attraction Enterprises
President & Chief Wellness Attraction Ambassador

Get powered up for a session designed to give you priceless GEMS for Wellness Attraction, a carefully curated system of getting to Spiritual, Emotional and Physical optimization as naturally and powerfully as possible. Unlike a lot of the ambiguous forms of "wellness" we see in the marketplace, Jones' methods are scripturally-based, faith-focused and eternity-minded!  This is the lady who keeps Jade and other high-achievers operating on high-octane fuel while maintaining a warrior mindset to BELIEVE BIGGER and BEHAVE STRONGER.


Crucial and uncommon speaker training for leaders & those ready to start leading. See the training modules outlined in the agenda below.

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The Audacious Prayer War Room

We couldn't have an event sprout out of a book called Audacious Prayers for World Changers and NOT have actual Audacious Prayer available, now could we?! Led by our Director of Prayer, available to you will be a team of Audacious Prayer Warriors who will a their ferocious faith with yours to ask and believe for the direction and divine intervention you need in life and business! #PrayBig

Audacious Worship

with the extraordinary Anzeo David!

Meet our Audacious Worship Leader who'll be joined by a talented squad of musicians lead by Keyboardist/Vocalist Robert Martinez of Christian Tabernacle Church. The two of them have been engaging in audacious worship all over the country. Heck, Robert's fresh off of a plane from worshipping at Guatefest2016 in Guatemala! Today, Anzeo makes his home as the soulful worship leader at Hope City Church in Houston, TX while touring as a fast-rising singer/songwriter and powerful minister of music. Learn more HERE!

Applications have closed. Stay tuned to see who'll be featured!

Introducing the My Most Audacious Move Ever Panel! 6 of our amazingly audacious attendees will be featured on Friday! We'll be learning from their powerful stories at The Audacious Life 2016. 

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The Audacious Life 2016™
will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over two and a half action-packed days in Houston, Texas. Experience multiple dynamic, content-jammed sessions with Jade designed to push you to greater levels of profitable audacity. Add to that powerful plenary sessions from Jade's team of Audacious Living Experts and out-of-this-world praise and worship.  Make sure you're signed up to get more details on our amazing speakers and their unique sessions. Items below in blue are events and sessions for those participating in the Audacious Speaker Training™ Package.

Thursday, April 21:

  • 4pm-6:30pm: Registration & Audacity Avenue Opens
  • Pick up your Audacity Optimization Guides (included) and check out the Audacious resources, apparel and gifts!
  • 5pm-6:30pm: Visionaries, Influencers & Powerhouses Recalibration Reception for Speaker Training Attendees
  • Audacious Speaker Training Participants enjoy a special primer session with Jade before the main event.
  • 6:30-7:00pm Half Hour of Power 
  • Director of Prayer Miriam Reid leads a corporate prayer session designed to crescendo right up to the moment we blast off! Come in ready to dive-in!
  • 7pm-10pm: Kick-off Session: Audacious Worship & The Word with Jade Simmons feat. praise and worship with Anzeo David
  • The Thing About Worship: A Golden Key to Unlocked Doors
  • Can you say blast off?! We'll get your time at The Audacious Life started right with phenomenal worship followed by a dynamite opening session with Jade about the power of incorporating a bold, "worshipful way" into everyday life. She'll focus on empowering you to "decompartmentalize" your faith in order to see it spill over and produce fruit in all areas of your life.
  • 10pm-Midnight: Late Night Prayer Available Post-Session
  • The night doesn't have to end just yet. Head over to the Audacious Prayer War Room to pray over all those new ideas brimming in your heart, all of the projects you're looking to birth, the new direction you're sensing you need to head in and any hurdles standing in your way. Clarity, confirmation and discernment will be key in this season of purpose pursuit. Have some Audacious Prayer Warriors join with you in your aim to accomplish all that has been laid on your heart to pursue.

Friday, April 22:

  • 6am-5pm: All-Day Audacious Prayer Available
  • How about a little breakthrough before breakfast? The Audacious Prayer War Room will be open all day long for you to stop by and pray on your own or join with our team of Audacious Prayer Warriors.
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9-9:30am: Audacious Worship featuring Anzeo David
  • 9:30-11:00am: Morning Session: Audacious Living w/Jade Simmons, Part 1
  • Recharge, Recalibrate and Wreak Havoc!: Getting You to Audacious Levels of Operation
  • There's an overhaul that must happen to get us back to our original identities, the one that leads with our uniqueness and is supported by the belief that God has equipped us with the tools necessary to "get the job done" whether that's in our personal, spiritual or professional lives. In this session, Jade walks us through the 180's we'll need to commit to in order to see momentum unleashed in life, ministry and business. She'll even give strategy for radically revolutionizing our level of impact from our homes to our workplaces.
  • 11am-12:15pm: Lunch featuring the "My Most Audacious Move Ever!" Panel
  • Enjoy lunch on us while you listen to the big, bold exploits of purpose-pursuers just like you who dared to take some of their biggest risks ever...and boy did it pay off! What's that? You made a bold move you'd like to share?! The application deadline has passed. Stay tuned for our audacious announcement.
  • 12:30-1:45pm Equipped for Audacious Wellness with Dr. Gayle Jones
  • To get where you're designed to go you're going to need to be functioning at your most optimum levels of not only physical, but spiritual, emotional and nutritional wellness. God needs you at your max to do His highest. Dr. Gayle Jones can get you there. In this powerful session, this trainer of titans, teaches us how to attract the wellness required for this season of giant-slaying and mountain-climbing ahead. You'll also learn how to BE the giant on the top of the mountain as well! You'll never see fitness, nutrition, scripture or prayer the same.
  • --Break--
  • 2:00-3:15pm Audacious Worth a publishing master class with Dr. Fred Jones, Publishing Strategist
  • What does writing a book have to do with living audaciously? Well, when you discover the worth behind your story you'll see how imperative it is that you make the decision to boldly share it with the world! Dr. Jones has discovered the secret to helping aspiring and established authors "write their worth" and share the wisdom that has come from the lives they are living. He's done it for countless published authors and now he'll be teaching you how simple it is to finally write that book and broaden your platform in the process.
  • --Break--
  • 3:45pm-5pm Closing Session: Audacious Living w/Jade Simmons, Part 2
  •         The Art of Risk-Taking: Bold Maneuvers & Alien Status 
  • This isn't the time to play it safe. Jade teaches us how not to in this concluding session for those attending the general event. She'll spell out the methods of breaking through to new levels in your spiritual relationship with God and the strategy behind breaking out in your professional career. She'll also show you the vital connection between the two.                           
  •      ---Conclusion of the General Session for Audacious Life 2016---
  • Saturday, April 23: 
  •                     Audacious Speaker Training Bootcamp for VIP's
  • 9am-11:30am Training Session 1: Atmosphere-changing Openers & Climactic Closers
  • Learn the art of opening your presentations with impact and closing with power to be sure not a moment is lost on your audience and every opportunity for action is taken.
  • 11:30am Lunch Provided
  • 1-2:30pm Training Session 2: Stellar Storytelling
  • Forget everything you've ever learned about storytelling! Learn to tell your story in a way that is transformative for your audience, rewarding for you to share, and magnetizing to the media. Jade will turn traditional methods upside down and let you in on the secrets of making true Powerhouse Impact. Prepare to have your mind blown and your audiences revolutionized!
  • 2:45-4pm Training Session 3: Interactive Training
  • Get excited about practicing what you've learned by way of interactive exercises designed to get you operating in your new Powerhouse capacity BEFORE you leave Houston.
  •           ---Conclusion of VIP Session for The Audacious Life 2016---

Audacious Speaker Training™
for Visionaries, Influencers & Powerhouses (VIP's)
Double Down on Your Audacity!


A full day of Intense & Uncommon Speaker Training
with Jade Simmons

Jade Simmons is a world-class, highly sought after, 5-figure earning speaker whose domain spans kids to corporate and from ministry to marketplace. She teaches you to speak for impact in this deep dive, strategically constructed bootcamp designed to change the way you view professional speaking and revolutionize your effect on your audiences. You'll also learn how to become a speaking engagement magnet! In order to achieve maximum results, this intensive will be limited to 50 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're looking to maximize your experience at The Audacious Life 2016™, this is the room you need to be in! See the 3 Training Modules outlined in the agenda above.

Audacious Speaker Training™ is perfect for visionaries who are professional and aspiring speakers; organizational, office place or community leaders; those in ministry, entrepreneurs, teachers, authors, artists and anyone looking to unleash their voice in more powerful, more profitable ways.

The Official Venue and Hotel

The elegant Hilton Houston Post Oak in the heart of the posh Galleria area is the official venue and hotel for The Audacious Life 2016™.

Hotel Rooms still available. Click here to reserve.
*Please note the conference discount code is no longer available.


  Houston's Galleria Area
Located 1 block from the Galleria in the heart of uptown business district
Free shuttle service within a 3-mile radius of the hotel
30 minutes' from Intercontinental (IAH) and Houston Hobby (HOU) airports
Skindeep Spa & Salon located on lobby level

Newly renovated rooms
City views
Courtyard rooms available
Make your reservation here
*Please note the conference discount code is no longer available.


It's all about Audacity Optimization!

Expect fresh, revelatory content, principles and strategies for life and business that you can implement right away. Discover a bold take on how we can "bring our faith to work". 

Takeaways include:
Insight on connecting your passion to your purpose to see bigger results in your profession.

Strategies to upgrade your modes of operation in how you think, speak, behave and work.

Practical methods for ferocious faith-building to help you stay the course in your pursuit of purpose.
Learn a 360 approach to complete wellness: Mind, Body and Soul

Learn how to unleash back-to-back breakthrough in life and business

Recognize your self-worth and discover your potential value to the marketplace.

Gain powerful technique and strategy on how to unlock, unleash and unload your voice to impact the world around you.

This innovative event blending faith-based inspiration and marketplace motivation is for visionaries, powerhouses and influencers like you who believe you matter to the world in a major way. You desire more  breakthrough in your life, you're looking to act, think and speak more boldly, and you know it's time to learn how to profit more spiritually, emotionally, physically...and financially. Now all you need is powerhouse instruction on how to do all of the above.
Look no further. The Audacious Life 2016™ is where it's at.





April 21, 22 & 23

  • VIP Recalibration Reception
  • General & Plenary Sessions
  • Priority Seating
  • Audacious Speaker Training Full-day Bootcamp
  • Playbook for Powerhouses
  • Audacity Optimization™ Guide
  • 3 Included meals



April 21 & 22 Only

  • General & Plenary Sessions
  • Audacity Optimization™ Guide
  • 2 Included meals



20% off group registration

  • Packages for General
  • Packages for VIP

In your gut, something's telling you it's time to Be Bigger and Believe Bigger! It's time to finally walk more powerfully and profitably in your God-given identity. Hint: That "sign" you're waiting on looks just like that big logo above!

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Email Management@jadesimmons.com with your inquiries and we'll get back to you right away.

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The Audacious Life Statement of Belief


In this season, we believe that we are called to be spiritual and professional giants in a world starving for its people to make monumental, positive impact. We believe we must develop ferocious faith that will generate breakthrough in the big, bold dreams we have and that we must operate boldly in that faith in all walks of life. Jade uses Biblical principle, amongst other sources including her own life experiences, to help visionaries, influencers and powerhouses-in-the-making better unleash unstoppable momentum in life and business. At the Audacious Life, we believe that when we optimize audacity and stand on the principles and promises of our Big, Audacious God, we'll see greater profit spiritually, physically and professionally.