It’s a big responsibility, to be the person speaking the words of encouragement to thousands of eager students, young and not so young, but all in the middle of a crucial transition. I’m in the middle of doing 4 commencement ceremonies at Grand Canyon University. My big prayer was that I had the right words for each audience. My big task? Not to turn down given the formality of the occasion. It’s tempting at times to see the formal ceremonial gowns, or a church setting or a corporate office and think, is it really ok to be all of me right now?! You see, once you know how you’re designed to function, once you know how crucial your uniqueness is to the outcome, you can’t turn that off for any reason. Truth is, not everyone is going to get you, but that’s no reason to not be you in the most important of times. And even bigger truth is this, that people that are bringing you in, that are sitting before you, that are hiring you…they had no choice in the matter. They think they did, but actually you’re on divine assignment. You were designed to be at that place at that time. There are people I was designed to reach this weekend and it required me to be at my most brilliant. Same goes for you, if you tone that glow down now, who knows what poor soul is going to miss out on a life-altering moment. See yourself as a “living, breathing walking opportunity” for someone else’s transformation. In order for them to get the change they need from you, they have to be able to see you first. Don’t turn the lights out now! In fact, be brighter than ever before.