You can’t slay in business if your struggling spiritually, and you can’t slay spiritually if you’re not emotionally strong. You need full-circle strength so you can successfully own and walk out your purpose powerfully and impactfully.  

Designer Growth Club is revolutionary coaching, content, and community for visionary women of faith. 

It is NOT just another coaching program or business building course. 

The last we we want is for you to get to your breakthrough (in business, relationships, life, etc.) and not be able to bear the weight of it. Your breakthroughs and your purpose are awesome, but it’s WEIGHTY! 

And if you’re going to carry a heavy thing, we need to help you build the right kind of muscle and you need to do it personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  

In Designer Growth Club (aka DGC), we call these five areas the 5 Stones. We want to help you build the RIGHT kind of healthy muscles so you can carry yourself, your life, and your purpose out powerfully. 


We go into each of these stones (and so much more!) inside Designer Growth Club.

We will also be diving even deeper into each one at the 2023 DGC Purpose and Power Retreat happening at the beginning of May in Houston, TX. This retreat is for members only.

If you’re looking for not just another fun, live event experience, and want an actual encounter that can change your life, perspective, and trajectory, come be with us!

Join DGC today and trade in temporary life hacks for next-level revelation on how to unleash momentum in life, business, and purpose, then join us in-person in May so that we can help you spring forward into purpose like never before. 

Stay hungry,


Britt Olander, Head of Coaching and Community for Designer Growth Club
Britt is a natural encourager and connector of people and her mission is to empower and equip women to do life and business a better way to be the best version of themselves. She is a lover of community and is passionate about helping people grow in connecting to the voice and heart of God. Britt helps others unlock new levels of finding joy in the everyday, and loves seeing people take risks and step out on what they’re hoping, believing, and are destined for. Her guilty pleasure is Taco Bell and loves a good dance party with friends.

Britt Olander, Head of Coaching and Community for Designer Growth Club