“When you decide not to take anything personal, you’ll start to move faster, recover quicker, and walk more powerfully in your God-given purpose.” – Jade Simmons

That is a mic-drop moment right there… 

Doesn’t that sound nice? Walking more powerfully in your God-given purpose and not taking ANYTHING personal?

It might sound great, BUT, in order to do that, there’s probably some things that might need some tweaking and some other questions that need to be answered first.

What even IS your purpose? How do you know what it is? Once you THINK you know what it is, then what? 

I’m a curious queen over here (can you tell by all the questions so far?) about how to  confidently answer these questions… and I hope your curiosity is piqued, too. 

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It’s been just over a week since Jade and over 130+ visionary women of faith closed out “Gray Week” and started the New Year more powerfully in position.

Gray Week Challenge

During Gray Week, which we do at the end of every year inside of Designer Growth Club, we set aside time during the often overlooked final days of the year (between Christmas and New Year) to receive big bold insights, revelations, plans, and clarity before we embark on a new year and new season.

Each day during Gray Week, we’re encouraged to go for a walk, but not just any old walk, a revelation walk (or shower/bath) as Jade calls it, where we start to develop the art and lifestyle of leaning in and listening to God’s voice in a more intentional way. 

We asked very specific questions and then wrote down what we heard, sensed, or saw. 

Those answers are the key insights as to how to know where to start , and it also helps build history with God as you partner with Him through your growth journey.

During the live coaching session to close out Gray Week 2022, Jade went on to say, “When you’re thinking about the business of breakthrough, the last thing you want to be doing is be weighed down by other stuff people (or you!) are throwing at you to carry that is not yours to carry.” 

So…what are some of the emotional habits you need to be done with? What physical habits do you need to clean up? What are the new things you need to commit to?

When you think of what you need to get rid of as we start 2023, you then need to think of what you need to replace it with. 

You have to clear things out to make room for the breakthrough that’s coming!

And before you can get to your next breakthrough, you need to first master what your purpose is in the first place. 

Jade defines purpose as not the thing you do, but the thing that happens in others when you do what you do, and this year in DGC, we are going to spend some serious time unpacking and getting clear on your purpose. 

Our goal is for you to get clear on your purpose SO THAT wherever you go, you know your mandate. You don’t have to wonder if you’re in the wrong room, and if you’re in the wrong room, you don’t have to wonder what to do about it! You’ll know what to do.

Your purpose is directly linked to your breakthroughs.

The more hours of your day and weeks and time that you spend in purpose, you are that much closer to breaking through to your next level (whatever your next level is…be it business, fitness, emotional, personal relationships, etc.)

You can’t wait for alignment. You can’t wait for connectivity and connection. You can’t wait for breakthrough…because guess what? It’s not coming UNTIL you get into position for it to come (and when you get into position, it comes in like a bullet train!)

Let us help you embolden your belief, help you aim for a life where you are hearing clearly enough to move, then help you move with radical obedience so you can life a lifestyle of back-to-back breakthrough!

Join DGC, where we help you discover your unique blueprint and find out what your path to breakthrough looks like.

You’ll get coaching, connection, killer content, and CLARITY!

💫 It’s the place where you’ll receive full-circle, personal, professional, emotional, physical, and spiritual development, alongside other ever-evolving, big-believing, big-doing women!

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With excitement (and curiosity!),


-DGC Head of Coaching and Community

P.S. Hungry for growth and purpose to help you prepare for breakthrough? JOIN US inside of DGC or watch any one of the nine #purposepowwows Jade shared on Instagram to get you POWered up with purpose.

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Britt Olander, Head of Coaching and Community for Designer Growth Club

Britt Olander, Head of Coaching and Community for Designer Growth Club
Britt is a natural encourager and connector of people and her mission is to empower and equip women to do life and business a better way to be the best version of themselves. She is a lover of community and is passionate about helping people grow in connecting to the voice and heart of God. Britt helps others unlock new levels of finding joy in the everyday, and loves seeing people take risks and step out on what they’re hoping, believing, and are destined for. Her guilty pleasure is Taco Bell and loves a good dance party with friends.