We just got news that we had a banner year, more than a banner year…and I got emotional. Well, in reality, I got quiet and very reflective. When I think about how we got to a year that would be a year of our dreams even though we didn’t dream some of it yet, all I kept seeing were people!

I should have been seeing myself on all of those stages, I guess. But, that’s not at all what came to mind. All I could think of were people like my team members, many of whom will never share the specific spotlight I’m in, yet they are the reason I’ve found the spotlight. Then, I started thinking about people like the folks at Yamaha Artist Services who make sure I have a gorgeous, boomy piano every where I go.

From the bottom of our hearats

There are the speaker bureaus and agencies who connect me to clients I would have never had access to. There are countless sound guys and gals who I owe a few shows to, the ones who figured out what wasn’t working when it should have been, the ones who had that can-do attitude when their buddies were checked out. On site, I met so many cool people who were shameless in how they served, who cared about beautiful details and finishing touches. When I think about all of the powerful, purposeful partners we have had over the years I get just a tad teary-eyed because of what their partnerships represent. Belief. When we link arms in the pursuit of impact they are showing me trust, respect and expectation. That very belief is what compels me to perform well, to try to deliver on transformation every time.

I am so thankful for their belief because belief leads to banner years, banner years beyond your mildest dreams. Yes, I meant to say mildest, because what I learned this year, what the coach who teaches people to think big learned this year, is that we still aren’t dreaming wildly enough.

Thank you to all of the partners and collaborators, from the clients and audiences we served, to the fellow influencers who trusted me with their platforms and the ears of their people, to anyone who allowed me to speak into your heart and mind, you’re a partner, too.

Thank you for your belief that there is something in me worth sharing. Thank you for receiving.