What is your purpose 1A part of what I do in my work from the stage and especially in the work I do with mentees and people I coach has to do with awakenings. There is nothing like the moment on stage where you see the light bulbs go off in the eyes of your audience members. Usually, it happens when I say my Purpose statement, or when I tell people it’s time to bring all of themselves to every table, or when I say something like, “You’re not the minority. You’re the standout.”

It’s the truest form of magic, awakening to self. But there are other awakenings that are equally powerful, like when you awaken to your surroundings, when you awaken to the value of something you’ve been taking for granted, or when you awaken to genuine and unique purpose. I call that the “new woke,” because awaken to these things and the whole world looks different.

The problem with only having an hour with my audiences is that there is so much I want to share, so many more gems I need to drop, and so much more discovery to be had than I can squeeze into those rapidly passing 60 minutes. That’s why we work hard to post inspirational content on social (esp. Insta @officialjadesimmons) that hits our followers powerfully.

Our goal at Jade Media Global is to spend time awakening you to awesome things about yourself and perhaps a few things that need tweaking, because those are often the most useful awakenings. We also practice what we preach, as we too are going through transformation and growth as we focus on creating new experiences that are impactful and full of uncommon inspiration to keep you “woke” to self.

Life is so exciting when you know it can only get better from here. We happen to believe that’s always the case.