“Do, Jesus!” I say that a lot when we pull big things off or when something was generally a doozie to get through. So, when March 8th hit and we were finally able to release Purpose The Remix to the world, the book that’s been about eight years in the making, you better believe I hollered, “Do, Jesus”!

Eight years ago I uttered twenty-one words on a corporate stage:

Your purpose is not the thing you do. It’s the thing that happens in others when you do what you do.
To my surprise, jaws dropped and exaggerated inhales happened. That statement, my purpose statement, hit home. And it hit home time and time again on every stage, no matter the setting, from corporate to church to college, people were re-understanding purpose.
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As a believer, whenever I’m talking about purpose, whether I say it or not, I’m talking about God. Whenever I’m talking about breakthrough, I’m talking about God. So when I wrote, Purpose The Remix, I wanted be a good steward of the statement that was causing people to jump from purpose-based ledges, I had to talk about God. There was no way I could leave Him out of it.

So as my team and I get ready to take part in NRB, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be in a space where, finally, no explanation is needed. We so look forward to sharing the remixed message of purpose with all of the conference attendees and beyond!

If you’re attending, meet us at one of our purposeful special events

  • Path to Purpose: Ever been curious about what your purpose truly is? Ever wonder why God made you a certain way, gave you a certain perspective, gift, or skill? Stop by the path to purpose booth to begin the process of diagnosing your purpose on the spot and learn more about the quote that ignited the Purpose Revolution. You might even catch Jade for a mini on-on-one laser coaching session! Booth #300
  • Perilous Purpose: What if Your Purpose is Dangerous? Jade conducts a riveting interview with Speaker, Author, and Former Undercover CIA Agent Michele Rigby Assad. Michele’s a believer whose story takes her from a sleepy hometown in Florida to a made-for-the-movies existence in the Middle East as an undercover operative alongside her secret agent husband.  May 23rd, 10am-11am – Media Broadcasting Room: Booth #1
  • Grace and Purpose: Jade is sitting down with Shae Bynes, also known as “Chief Fire Igniter,” the founder of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur movement, and author of ‘Grace Over Grind: How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can’t.” She is a passionate storyteller, mentor, and strategist who equips leaders to be catalysts for transformation in the marketplace. May 23rd, 1pm-2pm  – Media Broadcasting Room: Booth #1
  • Purpose The Remix Book Signing: Meet author Jade Simmons and grab your copy of the book that’s sparking a Purpose Revolution May 25th, 10am-11am – Autograph Booth C

Jade Simmons, Founder & Chief Purpose Pusher
Jade is an internationally acclaimed creator of mind-blowing, transformational experiences and one-of-a-kind, inspirational adventures designed to activate audiences into becoming the biggest, boldest version of themselves. The world-class concert artist has been called a “musical force of nature” with an “uncanny ability to connect with the sounds of today.”

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