Your purpose is not the thing you do. Its the thing that happens in others when you do what you do.For at least 3 years now, I’ve been wanting to add drums to my keynote and concert set up. I’m a Grade A Rhythmaholic (former drum liner, co-founder of Boomshaka at North Western University, Stomp wannabe, and chronic drummer of all dinner tables), but for lots of reasons, both time and logistical, I never got around to it.

So, I finally had to do what I tell my audiences all the time, Set an Arbitrary Date to Evolve. Except my dates are no longer arbitrary, they are very real and very public…on purpose. I’m my absolute best under crazy pressure and unreasonable timelines, so I debuted my new Purpose Keynote featuring my Yamaha DD-75 (stage name, Destiny) on stage at two recent events, and WOW! Not only was it a blast, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and got my musical blood pumping with excitement and fear, it also impacted audiences in ways bigger than I could have even anticipated.

In a recent FastCompany article entitled, Employee Engagement is Out. This is the New Goal, it addresses the importance of inspiration, purpose, and trust particularly for job seekers. According to linkedin CEO Ryan Roslansky, data shows this shift is most pronounced among Gen Z and millennials. “Motivating and inspiring this generation is going to be critical for the future.”

Enter in Purpose The Remix! We believe this keynote will have a powerful impact and influence for leaders and organizations as they create inclusive, purpose-based workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent.

What’s a purpose-based workplace culture? Well, it’s what we’ve worked to build here at JMG. It means our top priority is first to groom and grow our team members into their purpose. We then work to shift their job descriptions to grow with their growing uncovering of purpose. We ultimately believe (and the proof is in our pudding) that that emphasis on individual purpose organically and positively impacts our bottom-line because our team members instinctually become more and more invested, take on greater ownership and find more joy in their work. That yields greater productivity, efficiency and creativity for us which also translates into more profit in more ways than one. It’s the literal definition of a win-win!

In the meantime, I’m learning my way around this new kit and YOU should be making plans for your next debut as well. Imagine the next level impact you can have when you add to your skill set and broaden your territory! Set a date to make it happen.

Learn more about our new baby, Purpose the Remix.