You want to hear something powerful about working in your Purpose? It makes you one FIERCE OPERATIVE! Yes, FIERCE! It’s true, we spend a lot of time on-the-job and if you aren’t doing work that fuels your soul than you’re going to suffer emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I think it’s safe to say we all have examples of working outside of our purpose framework, it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round circle. It’s a miserable loop of defeat.Purpose Diagrams

One of the biggest truth bombs and life lessons I can share with you is to learn when to say NO. I’m a firm believer that rejection is divine protection from the devastation of the wrong yes. Think about that for a minute. How many times have you committed to the wrong yes that ended with terrible outcomes and consequences? Learning to say no is a life skill that will save you time, money, your business, and your relationships.

As we celebrate National Women’s Equality Day today (Friday, August 26, 2022) and National Black Business Month (August), we’d like to give a big shout out to Patrice Washington, a rags-to-riches entrepreneur who was recently featured in Success. The article, Patrice Washington Is Redefining Wealth By Scaling Joy is an amazing success story that spells out what I’ve been preaching for years now. Purpose is EVERYTHING. Purpose is worth saying no to the wrong thing. It’s this courage to say “no”—to opportunities, to money, and to fame—when it didn’t align with her values or her calling that has shaped Washington’s career in the face of adversity and uncertainty. This is a must-read for those of you pushing through a drought season while you’re birthing your Purpose Baby. Don’t let up now, the things you’re letting pass by will return in the right and most fulfilling form.

Now is the time to ask yourself:

  • Are you equipping yourself to be a fierce operative?
  • What are you doing to power up your purpose?
  • Based on the 5 phases of Purpose Discovery (see graphic), where are you in your journey?

Today, the thing that brings me a ton of joy and moments of long-lasting peace is when I think about my current team of fierce operatives. Hiring, team-building, and culture cultivation are skills we must master if we want to have peace in the midst of building powerful businesses. To see a post from my social media manager that nails our brand voice, to watch logistics roll by smoothly without having to intervene or answer a lot of lazy questions, and to get an unsolicited note about progress from my COO can literally make my day. Reason being, it lets me know that A. we’ve built something everyone can truly believe in and want to work on and B. that they feel it’s a place built for them as well.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or part of a team, when we are in the “right” positions we become fierce operatives and flourish in our purpose. For more gems, check out my Shorts on YouTube.

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