MONDAY MIX: ARE YOU JUST SUCKING UP AIR? You spend countless hours hovering next to strangers lamenting endless flight delays, you start to learn a lot about people. What I was most impacted by last week was how wasteful we can be with our speech, how contagious negativity and anxiety can be, how exhausting fruitless, venom-laced conversations can be. There was one lady so toxic, I was literally “moved” by her words as I packed up my stuff and was willing to leave a very valuable available socket for juicing my gadgets if it meant she’d no longer be sucking up all the life in the air around me. I’ve always thought of words and speech as powerful, but I’m realizing more and more that our voice is our Super Power, capable of changing atmospheres. As I see people writing down or retweeting what I’m saying, I’m crushed with a burden of responsibility to speak clearer, more encouragingly, more honestly, more powerfully. As I flee from those who spew barbs instead of solutions, or the ones wasting time giving advice to people who aren’t ready to hear it or the ones talking themselves out of their own worth, I’m reminded to use my words with discretion and on purpose to cause others to desire to scale tall buildings. If you’re not breathing life into a conversation, a heart, a room then you’re wasting your breath…and our air. Don’t do that, please. #Emergence