When we tell you that we’ve been working on something hot, we’re not lying! We’ve been busy planning, creating content, learning new beats, and everything in between to bring you a life-altering, purpose activating, seriously high-energy, live experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The Jade Simmons Live Experience is where purpose intersects with wisdom, motivation, and mic drop inspo that will change your life FOREVER! Yes, it’s a bold statement, and we’re here for it!

We kick off in Texas, with Houston being our first stop on October 14th at one of the freshest “re-PURPOSEd” (like that play on purpose?) industrial chic venues nestled in the heart of the arts district. Then we head to Dallas and Austin to round out Texas!

Here’s what you can expect, whether you’ve seen Jade on a corporate stage or not, you won’t see the same experience twice. Jade is always innovating to bring audiences a brilliantly unique adventure. She promises a night filled with “sit on the edge of your seat” excitement, humor, passion, high-energy, and pure musical genius that will inspire and empower you. We promise, in fact, we guarantee that you’ll get lost in a transformational adventure that spans from rap to Rachmaninoff, with virtuoso storytelling filled with uncommon insights and boundless inspiration that will captivate you.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars to secure your spot for this incredible in-person event. If you’re not in Texas, pack your bags and prepare yourself to get immersed in the magic of Jade Simmons Live!

Sign up here to learn more as new information and cities drop. To purchase tickets, click here! Be sure to follow Jade @jadesimmonslive on instagram.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and as Jade always says, “stay expectant.”