Summer School 22

We just finished wrapping up what can only be described as a transformative journey—five scorching weeks of the Hot Girl Summer School presented by Jade’s coaching program, Designer Growth Club.  

We want to share a deeper dive into what actually went down, what transformations we witnessed, and how you can still catch this wave of heat for yourself. 

The Transformational Power of 5 Weeks 

Let’s take a step back and understand the magnitude of this 5-week course. Hot Girl Summer School isn’t just a course—it’s a reawakening. Participants (aka Fire Starter Students) discovered profound shifts in multiple facets of their lives, be it emotional, spiritual, professional, personal, or even physical areas. The metamorphosis achieved in just five weeks is a testament to the power of intentional self-work. 

From Lukewarm to Fiery: Stories of Change 

We had the privilege of watching the evolutions of incredible women, each having their unique journey. These weren’t just textbook changes; they were deep, intrinsic shifts. From women who once hesitated to express themselves to those now brimming with confidence, ready to take on the world. The audacious leaps of faith, the newfound enthusiasm, and the levels of breakthroughs we witnessed can’t be captured in mere words. The bottom line? Women who entered our program lukewarm are now on fire, with a passion for life that’s palpable. 


The Core of Hot Girl Summer School: Breakthrough 

At Designer Growth Club, our commitment isn’t just about fleeting change; it’s about helping you prepare and position, from the inside out, for a life of back-to-back breakthroughs. Often, we need to burn off old mindsets and modes of operation, both internally and externally, to embrace the new. This course facilitates that burning away and gets your reignited to help set you on the path for continuous growth and revelation. 


 Missed Out? We’ve Got Your Back! 

We get it—life is busy, and sometimes even the most enticing opportunities slip through. If you couldn’t join us for Hot Girl Summer School, we have a surprise for you. We’ve curated and packaged the experience so you can immerse yourself at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your schedule. 

A Call to Action: Your Time is Now 

Whether you’re on the brink of a new journey, contemplating a major life transition, or simply yearning for clarity, we’re here for you. If you’re tired of being held back by uncertainties and doubt and are ready to burn away the chains of insecurity once and for all, come light up your life with us. 

Hot Girl Summer School is now available and will always be in session because the content is timeless.  

Get ready to be set ABLAZE with the fire of Hot Girl Summer School any time of year!

Your fiery journey awaits!