I wish you could see me right now…

My hands hovering over the keyboard, practically sitting on the edge of my seat, earnestly desiring to somehow accurately and powerfully articulate to you (yes, I’m talking to you!) how utterly excited I am for the upcoming launch of the Jade Simmons app, where you’ll have the opportunity to dive into insane amounts of ongoing growth and inspiration.

It’s in the app where you’ll also find, :::drum roll please:::, Designer Growth Club (aka DGC), a revolutionary 360° coaching platform and personal development community for visionary women of faith, created by Jade Simmons.

DGC Coming Soon

But before I go on, let me first introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Britt Olander, and I am so honored and excited to be the Head of Coaching and Community for DGC. This basically means that I’ll be your very own hype woman and partner-in-purpose!


My mission is to empower and equip you to do life and business a better way, and to help you become the biggest, boldest, and best version of yourself. 

Some of the things I’ll be doing inside of DGC are one-on-one and group coaching, teaching, content creation, and helping women with their personal, professional, spiritual, emotional and physical growth.

I’m here today because I need to spill the beans with YOU about why you’re going to be seriously obsessed with DGC!

Our Purpose is Your Purpose 

Inside the Jade Simmons App is our new Communiverse, a place where visionary women of faith will come to transform their lives by uncovering and walking out their purpose in life and business. DGC has been reincarnated as an app that empowers and equips more women in one click. Digest life-changing content on-demand, participate in exhilarating virtual and live events, and most importantly, connect with a high-level, like-minded community of bold movers and shakers. 

How is your next level achieved?

Breathe easy. It’s not a timed course, so you can take it easy or turn it up a notch. It’s life and growth at your pace, whether that be chill or challenging. On-demand, strategic inspiration, 24/7 is all yours. 

Who’s doing it?

DGC is an international community of world-changing women who are ready to be developed fully, inspired uncommonly, and trained powerfully to do whatever the work is that’s been put on their hearts. It’s also the place you’ll go to be supported in your wildest dreams! Gritty Entrepreneurs, Corporate Rockstars, Multi-faceted super moms, Talented Teachers, Imaginative Artists, you name it, we’re all in this together. 

So, YES! The hype is legit, and you’re going to want to stick around for it and join in the excitement.

The world is waiting for your biggest, boldest, and best debut and there’s no where better than DGC to get you equipped and empowered to finally step in to your best you!

You’ll be seeing my face around here a little more, but for now, if #thatgrowthlife is your thing, be sure to get on the waitlist for the Jade Simmons app that’s launching soon!


You’ll receive an email letting you know when the app is ready for you to join!

But that’s not all! While you wait, we want you to marinate!

We’ll also be dropping a few gems in your inbox from Jade herself for you to digest and get you geared up and ready for your best YOU yet. 

With excitement,