FRIDAY FIX: PREPARE FOR BIGGER FISH. Here’s what I’m realizing this week: The only way to get bigger fish is to stop jumping at all the little ones that come your way. Yes there’s a season to say yes to every opportunity, but there is also a season to vet opportunities more responsibly. You see, what happens is that you spend so much time and energy chasing the same types of “jobs” you’ve always been getting that you never a). have time to look up and see bigger options, b). never have the time to prepare for them if they came your way, c). or you never have the brain space to realize you’re ready for more. As a result, you get stuck on a plateau of “almost” getting where you’re supposed to be. It’s an awful hamster wheel to be on, so I suggest you get off. Start envisioning what the next level looks like for you. Start preparing to be presented with an opportunity to operate on at that next level. Begin to say no to too much of the same little fish opportunities and decide to ACT on at least one of your big fish ideas. Decide to Start AND Finish it and then watch what new doors open because of all that action. Little fish are cute, but your big fish destiny is drop dead gorgeous. RIP Little Fish. Get after it! #Audacity #Emergence