FRIDAY FIX: HOW BIG IS YOUR “WANT TO”? HOW STRONG IS IT, REALLY? Here’s what I’m learning this week: The bigness of your “want to” must rise to match the power hidden in the thing you want. As I stood at the podium staring down those invested eyes yesterday at the Center for Women’s Confidence, Courage and Connections conference in Charleston, SC, I decided instantly they were worth my “want to”. They were worth the cancelled flights, the exorbitant rental car fee, unexpected snowy road trip, the lost luggage, the down-to-the-minute shopping sprint for keynote-appropriate garb, even the leaving behind of the still mildly sick babies because I knew their father could handle it, what daddy couldn’t do for me was what I was created to do for others: verbally and musically and spiritually and by way of hugs and arpeggios pour into the lives of those very specific women who were destined to be in those specific seats at that specific time with their ears divinely tuned to what only my voice could say in that exact specific moment. My “want to” couldn’t let that down! “Want to” is a hunger, only satisfied by knowing you’re on the way to serving your purpose. It wouldn’t have been worth all that “want to” to simply show up and show off. Don’t just leave ’em starving for more of you, you’re cute, but you’re finite. You better show up and show OUT by way of passing your hunger on. They should be starving now to make the same impact on others that you had on them. That’s infinite business right there. Be CEO of that. Boom…I’m out. #Emergence