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Our high school freshman joined her school’s track team. As a first time Cross Country runner she had to learn how to run her race. While there are a ton of mind hacks to successfully run your race, the one our 14- year-old daughter uses herself at the finish line, has proven to work. As one of three freshmen runners on the team, she clinched a spot for an invitational run. 

You may not be running in a Cross Country meet, but you are running in a race of sorts, the race called life. The prize? A life well lived fulfilling God’s purpose for you.

There is a lot of talk around purpose. 

  1. Why are we here? 
  2. What are we called to do? 
  3. What impact will my purpose truly make?

The answer to those questions depends on you. Saint Augustine said, “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” When God reveals our purpose, it is then our assignment to partner with Him to make it seen, and heard. Your purpose needs visibility.

I define visibility as the confidence and courage to be the full expression of God on the earth. There is a void in the earth when you and I do nothing with our purpose. The world is awaiting you to be uncovered in order to discover the solution your purpose brings to their problem. 

Here are three ways to elevate your visibility:

  1. Demonstrate your expertise: We are responsible for stewardship of our purpose. How did you multiply what was given to you? As a steward, realize your gift is meant to be given away. Commit to no longer bury your talent/purpose, but instead share it with others.
  2. Use social media: The smartphone has become the new remote control. Social media can no longer be ignored. The platform is a great way to build credibility, visibility, and profitability. 
  3.  Grow Your Network: Your purpose is always tied to people. How is your relationship capital? Communicate and build relationships with new people and continue to honor those you are currently in relationship with. 

There are seven areas in which it is believed to control society, they are family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government. More than likely your purpose falls on one of these mountains. How are you taking your mountain of purpose? 

Are you running towards or away from it? Remember my story about my daughter running Cross Country? She visualizes herself winning before she ever clears the finish line. We are all running our purpose race, but the good news is we have been called to win when you are running the race God has given you.

Your purpose requires visibility. In fact, bringing visibility to your purpose is your responsibility. I believe our Creator will ask us how we multiplied what was placed in our hand? How did you run your race? Did you show up? It’s been said all of us have a place in history. Your purpose helps to carve out your place in history. We read the stories of people who decided to give sight and sound to their purpose and as a result we are better for it. When you decide to show up in your purpose the world around us benefits. Your purpose is about you, but it is not for you. It is to serve others. Always remember your Visibility is POWER®. 

Roshanda E. Pratt is a well-respected broadcast journalist. She is a regular contributor on local television, radio, and podcasts. Her dynamic personality and expertise have also been featured nationally on CBS’ The Talk, the Tamron Hall Show, and The Today Show. A digital pioneer in utilizing video and live streaming to increase visibility, Roshanda runs a thriving online brand known as The Rosho Live where she regularly shares her faith, humor, and 20 years of television producing experience. Roshanda is the author of two books, CEO of Live Video: Discover the Fundamentals of Dominating Live Video Through the Eyes of a Producer and Visibility Is Power: Discover the Power of Being Seen and Heard.