jade sunglasses 450x450 1One of the most impressive things we can witness in other humans is consistency. When I see someone being consistent in how they care for their bodies, I’m impressed. When I hear consistency in people’s online presentation (example: positive and confident) and how they present in real life, I’m impressed. Mostly, when I see consistency in what people say and what they do, I’m more than impressed, I’m inspired because it’s such a rarity.

But I’ve noticed there’s one area it seems we haven’t given much thought to when it comes to consistency or when it comes to purpose. It’s in our personal style which, especially for people making a profession out of influence, should match our purpose. You can absolutely dress to match your purpose.

Balance is important, so always go for a balance between what you’re drawn to naturally, what makes you comfortable, and what looks like who you say you are and who you’re becoming. Never set your style standards solely by societal norms. For instance, you may have to don a suit, but does it have to be the most drab gray one you can find?

If you haven’t created a PURPOSE statement, now is a great time to do it. This is the perfect season to take inventory of your closet, and a personal inventory to reflect inward of what makes you, you. Lets have some style fun together…grab some color pens, stickers, your imagination and click here!

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