Experience a Concert Adventure.

Why Jade? Why Now?

If you’re ready for the most engaged, most diverse, and most delighted audiences you’ve ever had… if you’re ready to make an impact in your community and not just your concert hall…
Your venue is ready for Jade.


Jade’s one of only a very few Yamaha artists performing in both the Classical and Contemporary spheres, which seats her alongside the likes of classical greats Byron Janis, Anne-Marie McDermott, and Awadagin Pratt AND pop icons Elton John, Alicia Keys, and John Legend. Jade’s in this rare place, because she creates rare spaces.

Classical Music’s #1 Maverick.

Audiences have come to expect performances marked by passion, innovation, and virtuosity at every turn. Nicknamed “Classical Music’s #1 Maverick,” Jade Simmons eschews the traditional recital in favor of taking her audiences on concert adventures spanning Rachmaninoff to Rap.

“Jade Simmons is one of the most unique and charismatic musicians performing today. Through her engaging, energetic performances she smashes musical boundaries and invites audiences to experience music in completely new ways. She is a force of nature, a refreshing and original personality who is fearless in her quest to make concert music accessible to everyone.”


Director of Yamaha Artist Services


Her interactive, multi-genre, concert adventures expand the boundaries of classical music presentation and convincingly blur the lines between high art and popular culture.

From edgy venues like New York’s Le Poisson Rouge to renowned concert halls, including the hallowed ones of the White House and even the US Supreme Court, this “musical force of nature” and born storyteller, who the Washington Post deemed a “magnetic personality worth seeing anytime,” combines spell-binding music and boundless inspiration into a one-of-a-kind concert experience perfect for the entire family.

Creative Collaborations.

Whether as soloist with big orchestras or chamber musician in small ensembles, Jade offers a high-energy, highly connected collaborative experience perfect for artists and audiences craving an edge-of-their-seat performance.

Colorful Concert Commentary .

“She is an utterly beguiling stage presence, moving from stupendous keyboard virtuosity to personable program commentary in one agile step.”
Seattle Times

Jade’s fast becoming the face representing the relevance and relatability of classical music with “an uncanny ability to connect classical music with the sounds of today.” (Seattle Times) Jade is the original webcast host of the Van Cliburn piano competition, a former guest host of the top-rated radio show Performance Today, and the voice of the critically acclaimed podcast, Decomposed, created with American Public Media.


She’s a stellar opener or closer for your season, a highlight of summer festivals, and a favorite for orchestral collaborations. Bring Jade in to wow your audience!