I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to finally be releasing Oraciones Atrevidas. We released Audacious Prayers back IMG 2211 1in 2015 and the Spanish edition was ready not too long after that. But boy, did it take a beating. It turns out my very uncommon way of praying and talking about prayer was really hard to translate. Spanish-speakers from different countries understood and interpreted the phrases very differently, and it didn’t help that I was insisting on as literal of a translation as possible. Special shout out to Miriam Reid, the original translator and my on-stage interpreter. She has safe guarded the essence of this book through every edit over the years.

God had given me very specific words in English and the audacity of those words (which has also challenged a few English-speakers) had to be captured. So finally, about 5 years, 3 editions later, we present to you Oraciones Atrevidas para Cambiadores del mundo. Yes, we know, even Cambiadores gets push back, but that’s ok. I wrote the book to challenge our small beliefs, our small words, and our small understanding of how big God truly is and the freedom with which we are urged to interact with our Creator.

On this Cinco de Mayo, a day representing a fight for freedom, and the National Day of Prayer, a day paying homage to the power of communication with God, we birth this thing and give it wings. To my Spanish-speaking friends (and those wanting to learn Spanish), I pray this book opens your heart and mind to all of the possibilities ahead. Breakthrough has been storing up for you for a very long time now. It’s about time you go get it.

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