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Dear World Changers (you know who you are),

It is with great joy and gratitude that we celebrate the 8th anniversary of my book, and labor of love, “Audacious Prayers.” This book has touched the lives of countless individuals, inspiring them to connect with their faith and reach for their dreams.

“Audacious Prayers” is a powerful testament to the transformative power of prayer. In the book, I share my personal journey of faith and how I discovered the power of prayer in my own life. I also provide practical guidance on how to develop a deeper connection with God through prayer and how to use prayer to achieve your goals and dreams.

Over the past eight years, “Audacious Prayers” has become a beloved resource for people of all faiths and backgrounds, it has been on the Amazon bestseller list, and has received five star reviews, it’s truly something I’m so proud of.

Readers have shared their stories of how this book has helped them through difficult times, provided them with a sense of hope and inspiration, and helped them to connect with their spirituality in a meaningful way.

So, as we celebrate the 8th anniversary of “Audacious Prayers”, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has embraced this book and allowed it to touch their lives in a profound way. Thank you for all the powerful reviews, I take those seriously!

We hope that “Audacious Prayers” will continue to inspire and empower people around the world, for many years to come. May we all have the courage to dream big, pray audaciously, and trust in the power of faith to guide us on our journey.

Beyond Grateful,

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PS….if you’re looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day present, consider gifting her the power of prayer! Audacious Prayers is available in Spanish, paperback, and audiobook, and you can find it on Amazon.

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Jade Simmons, Founder & Chief Purpose Pusher
Jade has been addicted to rebel behavior since kindergarten when she refused to take naps and opted to read under her self-made fort instead. She’s wife to her high school sweetheart, Jahrell, and mom to two kiddos (14 and 9) who don’t understand how cool she is. As Founder of JMG, she loves watching unicorns grow wings and soar higher than they knew they could!

Jade is also a bestselling author, world-class pianist, and transformation ignitor!