I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I’m most interested in earrings and not much else. Playing piano as a profession sort of guided me away from lots

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of rings and bracelets. But, there is one jewelry choice that doesn’t get in the way of me frolicking up and down the keys. It’s the cuff!

Cuffs come in so many shapes, sizes, and attitudes that they are the perfect way to add a little “don’t get it twisted, I-got-serious-style” flavor to your wardrobe. Cuffs add both glam and edge to even the simplest of outfits. They’re not as dainty as tennis bracelets, not as loud as bangles. They also double as superhero weaponry, which is a plus.

Think, Wonder Woman. Adjustable styles can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist. From animal prints to sequins, there’s a cuff for every style and every occasion. I went on a bit of a cuffs shopping spree a few months back and was so excited to kick off the New Year, wearing those new babies on stage for all my events.

Try a cuff at your next corporate outing, power meeting, holiday party and elevate that Wonder Woman attitude. Be purposefully unpredictable!

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