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In the months leading up to the May 2023 DGC Retreat, I had the joy of assisting Jade and DGC’s Head of Coaching and Community, Britt Mognoni, with the planning and preparations for the event that I knew would have an incredible impact on the women attending.

What I didn’t realize was just how intensely the trajectory of my own life would be profoundly impacted as well, and I was merely assisting in the background! The retreat ended just over three weeks ago and I am still experiencing an unwavering high of fully-charged optimism and a wild anticipation for what could be ahead should I identify and step into my highest purpose.

Each of the beautiful trailblazing women attending the retreat had history with Jade, Britt, and one another before stepping into the room. That’s because the DGC community is truly that – a community! It includes one-on-one mentorship and simultaneously provides a life-giving and encouraging space for the group to experience rich fellowship, priceless insight, and expanding vision together.

I could tell immediately that these women had developed a sincere love and respect for one another. They were certainly attending the retreat in high pursuit of their own individual breakthroughs, and to glean from the incomparable Jade Simmons for three days. However, it was clear to me that every woman was also there to champion and celebrate her DGC family’s breakthroughs as excitedly as she would her own. I have to assume that is largely due to the fact that genuine support and propelling belief are wonderfully contagious traits that Jade exemplifies effortlessly.

When Jade commands large audiences from high-impact platforms, everyone is magnetized to her and motivated to awaken their inner maverick. To watch her ignite a small group of ladies into their divine purpose, however, is to experience a completely different level of inspiration. I watched her offer an intensely personal experience while consistently engaging everyone present. When her insight, strategic thinking, limit-defying mindset, and acute responsiveness to God’s voice blended seamlessly with her intentional love for people, activation was inevitable.

The retreat was marked by an undeniable sense of safety and trust, fostering an environment that encouraged vulnerability. Jade spoke to the dual burden that women in business carry: striving for success while also battling against ingrained biases and systemic obstacles. She challenged everyone to thrive anyway. Each woman was compelled to identify and confront her own obstacles and wounds in order to move into her full potential personally and professionally. It was beautiful to watch breakthrough and healing taking place in the room! They were challenged beyond their typical comfort levels in ways that unlocked strengths they didn’t realize they had. There was a perfect balance of hard inner-work and joyful laughter throughout each day. We ended nights two and three in worship and reflection together in a way that was so incredibly special. Truly, I could go on and on about what everyone experienced at the DGC retreat! Those three days clearly weren’t just an escape from everyday life, as some might consider retreats to be. They were a transformative journey towards coming FULLY alive.

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If you are considering joining the DGC family and registering for an upcoming retreat, I cannot put into words how life changing your decision to do so can be! You will gain clarity and community, insight and inspiration; you’ll be empowered to work through a personalized plan for success and pursue purpose unapologetically, while cheering on those around you.

Get ready to run alongside a dynamic group of women who are ready to live life to its highest possibilities!


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Katherine Hoffpauir has a strong passion for discipling and developing people into the purpose God has placed on their lives. Her deep love for people shines through everything she does. Katherine is a highly gifted and anointed singer, songwriter, and worship leader. She has led worship with conviction in large arenas and has worshipped with the same passion in small rooms. She has built and led highly effective teams for one of the fastest growing ministries in the nation. She has a keen eye for design and an entrepreneurial drive. She pastors creatives, project manages large-scale events, and is equally effective and passionate about leading both off the stage and on. Katherine lives in the Houston, TX area with her husband and three toddlers.