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Calling all World Changers in waiting! We’re talking about coaches, entrepreneurs, bosses, artists, dreamers, millennials, genXers, and boomers who have quieted the still small voice inside them for waaaay too long. You’re ready for evolution in your own life, ready to let old things die and new things bloom—so that your purpose can be lived out loud. Remember that spark you felt when Jade was on stage? Well, that wasn’t about her, it was about you! Let what ignited within you turn into a full-fledged fire when you join your kind in a community of nation changers who are ready for more… just like you.


Transformation Nation Subscription 

  • Motivation from Jade and other guest Transformation Architects to keep following after your goals.
  • Monthly life shifts life via practical guidance you can actually use in real time.
  • Borrowed bold belief from the community of members chasing after transformation just like you.
  • BONUS! First access to live training events and limited seating.

Join Transformation Nation today to create the life-altering change you’ve been wanting for yourself and for the people assigned to you. Your purpose is world-changing. Own that.


What do I get?

  • Access to a private facebook group of diverse leaders, entrepreneurs, bosses, and individuals who want to claim their purpose like you.
  • Weekly LIVE video trainings from Jade and other Purpose Architects
  • Access to a library of archived content

Do I have to own a business or be in leadership to join?

Come as you are, but don’t stay as you came! Purpose drivers come from everywhere and whether you’re employed, staying at home, building a business, still in college or managing an organization–this is the place for you. But we have to warn you, you won’t look the same in a few weeks time. Who knows what you’re about to step into?

What if I can’t make the live trainings?

We will always record the trainings and give you the opportunity to view them later on.


4 reviews for Transformation Nation

  1. Jade Simmons

    When I think of Jade Simmons, what comes to mind is authenticity and sincerity. Before joining T-Nation, I was introduced to her work through a friend.

    I appreciate her “bigger than life” persona, yet she is so humble. I was connected to Ms. Simmons a few years back, but really started following her work consistently in 2019. I connected to her message and spirit on so many different levels. Not just naturally but spiritually as well. These last few years has been a season of loss (my son, sister and brother-in-law) and God was dealing with me about transformation (transforming my misery to ministry) but I just couldn’t figure out how this was going to manifest or whether I was on the correct path. I believe that’s when God truly allowed Jade’s message to resonate with me and confirm my direction on many levels.

    Because she has had the courage to walk in her purpose, she has made an impact in my life in helping me bust out of my comfort zone (just one of many superpowers). Not to say it’s easy for me, but I’m grateful for the tools and encouragement that she provides to take the steps toward transformation, with a heap of accountability.

    -Carol Davis, Transformation Nation Member

  2. Jade Simmons

    I first met Jade years ago when I was shooting a Music 4 Autism concert and she was performing. Even then, she would find a way to captivate her audience. Over the years, a working relationship and friendship/family has developed. Even without trying, if you get close to Jade, she will find more in you than you know is there and/or pull you out of your comfort zone (which she has done for me countless times). Her faith walk is evident in all she does and while she will not force her faith on you, you cannot help but she where her help comes from. Transformation Nation is the right name for her new venture because if you want it and apply what she teaches, you WILL transform

    Nathan Hamilton, Transformation Nation Member

  3. Jade Simmons

    In July 2019, I had the honor and privilege to see and hear Jade Simmons at my company’s annual conference. I was immediately captivated by her charismatic personality and connected to her spirit instantly. Deep down in my heart, I knew that God had sent Jade to awaken the purpose that He created me for. I claimed sitting in that audience that I was going to work with Jade. I started first by purchasing her book, “Audacious Prayers for World Changers” and reading the 1st Chapter, I was convicted that I had been living in the lie of the enemy for one too many years. The time had arrived to truly step into my purpose and pray BOLDLY to God to give birth to what He had placed in my womb!!! I always knew that Forgiveness was my sweet spot that always influenced others to forgive whenever I shared my testimony.

    When Jade opened up enrollment for Transformation Nation, I did not hesitate to join because I knew that’s where I belong. In my short time in the Nation, Jade gave me the opportunity to share my Forgiveness testimony. In speaking with Jade, she confirmed what I’ve always known that my mission is deeper and greater than what I am currently doing.

    Beyond excited to continue my partnership with Jade to create more World Changers by sharing how our mess is our MISSION!

    Micki Fernandez, Transformation Nation Member

  4. Jade Simmons

    Ever since God crossed our paths 4 years ago, which like to call it divine intervention. Jade and her team have been a true blessing in my life . Jade’s style of teaching and speaking reaches out from the screen and just changes you from the inside out, ready or not she will influence you in many great an amazing ways. She is a true believer and an amazing teacher.

    I’m grateful to God for having such a woman on fire in my life. Love Jeanette

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