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Lillette’s Rhythm Club: Then and Now Premieres in June

In St. Petersburg on June 18th and in Orlando on the 24th, Jade will star as Lillette Harris in the original production Lillette’s Rhythm Club: Then and Now. In this one-woman spectacle with world class musicians, she’ll tell the story of the little known legend’s life and career with a focus on the club that […]

Jade heads to Boston for Prestigious Simmons Leadership Conference

Jade has been invited to speak at the country’s pre-eminent authority on women’s leadership, the Simmons Leadership Conference at Simmons College for Women. In recent years, the likes of Madeleine Albright, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Christiane Amanpour and Diane Keaton have graced the Simmons stages. Jade will be debuting her new 2017 musical […]

The Most Telling Question

When someone asks you this it actually gives you a vital answer. It means you’re now mattering in such a big way, the world is taking note. Unfortunately, for those who haven’t yet discovered how big they’re designed to matter, your growth spurt is frightening. Tell them, don’t worry. Who you know you are has […]

Time to Shine Big Time!

It’s a big responsibility, to be the person speaking the words of encouragement to thousands of eager students, young and not so young, but all in the middle of a crucial transition. I’m in the middle of doing 4 commencement ceremonies at Grand Canyon University. My big prayer was that I had the right words […]

Friday Fix: Prepare For Bigger Fish

FRIDAY FIX: PREPARE FOR BIGGER FISH. Here’s what I’m realizing this week: The only way to get bigger fish is to stop jumping at all the little ones that come your way. Yes there’s a season to say yes to every opportunity, but there is also a season to vet opportunities more responsibly. You see, […]

Monday Mix: Are You Just Sucking Up Air

MONDAY MIX: ARE YOU JUST SUCKING UP AIR? You spend countless hours hovering next to strangers lamenting endless flight delays, you start to learn a lot about people. What I was most impacted by last week was how wasteful we can be with our speech, how contagious negativity and anxiety can be, how exhausting fruitless, […]